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Tireget E-commerce Redesign

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Tireget E-commerce Redesign

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TireGet has over 30 years of experience in the wholesale, retail, and specialty tire business. From manufacturing, engineering, distribution, and sales. TireGet offers a secure shopping experience at the client’s fingertips, offering them the best tire prices available online.

  • My Role —  UX Designer Lead
  • Main Duties
    • Estimate product cost & time frame effort.
    • Lead and coordinate the tasks of other UX and UI designers.
    • Perform usability tests.
    • Art direction.

Business Objectives

The main objective was to increase online sales through TireGet.com, create brand awareness for privately branded tires, and a seamless user experience for search, purchase, and delivery.

Most of their products are not available to purchase at a local retail store. TireGet carries specialty products for special vehicles, such as trailers, ATV/UTV, lawnmowers, tractors, golf carts.

And lastly, it would require optimizing sales on particular products for seasonal sales.

The Project’s Approach

Stakeholders’ Interview

Our first strategy with TireGet was to acknowledge their business model and what problems they were trying to solve. Typically, customers come with a biased solution, in this case, “Re-designing” the website and a series of new integrations to the e-commerce platform. As soon as possible, we intervened with key questions to understand what they were really trying to solve and the expected success after completing these requirements.

After understanding their main business griefs, we investigated; what evidence they have that these problems actually exist? And How are their customers experiencing the problems? To soon realize that our best approach would be to start with UX Auditing their current website to find usability issues and tells us more clearly on the points to improve on the site. The best method to achieve our objective would definitely be a Heuristic Evaluation.


Before executing a Heuristic Evaluation, it is necessary to know our users and try to carry out the website’s cognitive walkthrough, understanding their motivations and frustrations. For this case, we used the Proto-Personas strategy to advance faster and detailed based on web statistics and information provided by the client about their existing clients.

The more you engage with your users, the easier it is to understand what you are building for them.

Interviewing with stakeholders and carefully analyzing the web statistics from Google Analytics. We concluded two different main targets could drive the design decisions forward. Mike, a casual buyer with moderate knowledge about the product, and Steven, a recurring buyer by the nature of his business.

Tireget E-commerce Website Redesign UX Research Usability Testing Heuristic Evaluation
Heuristic Evaluation

We conducted our evaluation based on Nielsen’s Heuristics and adding a series of assessments and metrics tailored to the project. In the process, we analyze several categories: Homepage, Checkout processes, Search, Trust, and Credibility, among others.

The results, after extensive analysis, were clear on the weak points of the website and the priorities of each group of problems. Followed by a series of recommendations that we launched as a hypothesis of our heuristic analysis.

Usability Testing

Part of our strategy was to take the findings from our expert review study as a hypothesis that we could validate with a user usability test. Unlike the previous analysis, the test with users would provide us with precious qualitative information.

We proceeded with our Testing Plan based main problems detected: product search, navigation/information architecture, recognition of product specifications, account registration, complete the checkout process, online shop confidence. Our user screening was based on Proto-Personas information and better agility, choosing the UserTesting.com platform.

Evidence-based design allows us to reach the essence of design, everything else is decoration.

Approaching 5 users per proto-persona model confirmed most of our hypothesis and suggested patterns of behavior and usability problems that we referred to in our initial analysis. To present our analysis to the client, the UserTesting.com reports were not sufficient. We improved them with deeper analysis on our own, mainly considering all the qualitative data obtained in the follow-up questions to each task of our test.

Tireget E-commerce Website Redesign UX Reseach Usability Testing Heuristic Evaluation
Design & Prototype

We were all set to start our creative process based on the evidence found in our UX audit and the priorities established in the list of improvements in our product backlog in a workshop conducted with the client, stakeholders, and the UI, QA, and Development teams.

Our goal was to solve in a holistic way each area of opportunity to improve usability and perception of the website. We made several sketches as a team and transferred the best-rated solutions to high-quality wireframes using Sketch to validate the usability improvements.

Tireget E-commerce Website Redesign UX Reseach Usability Testing Heuristic Evaluation
UI Design

Meanwhile, the UI team was designing, in conjunction with the UX lead, the new style guide based on the Client’s new branding. Abandon the pale colors and blur gradients on photographs in the previous site and move forward to a bolder color palette and fonts with heavy use of dark tones and a vibrant orange accent.

Tireget E-commerce Website Redesign UX Reseach Usability Testing Heuristic Evaluation

During the construction of the Style Guide, we created mood boards based on benchmarks from other websites. Completed the main elements of our design system. Moving to the UI design of the screens was a swift process.

Tireget E-commerce Website Redesign UX Reseach Usability Testing Heuristic Evaluation


When writing this case study, the project is in the development stage, and there is still no evidence gathered of metrics and results, except the client’s high satisfaction for the process carried out and the design outcome.

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