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The State of Colima in Mexico has the annual “Todos Los Santos” fair to promote commercial development, culture, family values, and social responsibility.

The launch of a mobile app comes hand in hand with the need for users to have information on the events of the fair was the context of Facebook or the official page of the fair.

  • My Role — Product Designer Lead
  • Main Duties
    • Estimate product cost & time frame effort.
    • Lead and coordinate UX activities.
    • Perform user research and usability tests.
    • Art direction.

The Challenge

The first challenge that is presented to us is understanding how we can offer a valuable product that can compete with Facebook as the main source of user consultation about the fair events and the increasing social sharing behavior of users.

The second challenge was the time frame limit to execute the project before the start date of the fair and with enough time for the marketing campaign and promotion of the app.

The Project’s Approach

UX Research

We dive into with a series of hypotheses based on interviews with Stakeholders and experiences from past fairs and continue to validate some of this assumptions. We decided to go with surveys instead of field studies due to time limitations.

The questions contained in the survey sought to obtain ethnographic and demographic data with a sample of 146 responses. The main data collected allowed us to segment specific tribes and preferences patterns that we summarized in an infographic.

UX Research Demographic Study

For the creation of Personas, we transform the ethnographic and demographic information, together with the insights provided by the stakeholders and carry out a collaborative workshop to build an Empathy Map.

UX Research Empathy Map

After an analysis, comparison, and validation of data from our demographic study and empathy exercise, we defined the 3 user profiles that would crucially determine the main business challenges of our product.

Our main focus was to understand the different tribes that visit the fair and what were their reasons for visiting and activities they carried out the most and why. The discovered pattern was their interest in live shows and gastronomic variety.

We outlined their main frustrations during their visit to the fair and the biggest coincidence detected was the problem to find available parking lots and disinformation with the schedule of cultural activities and live shows.

Personas User Research UX Designa
UX Competitive Analysis

We moved quickly to make a comparative analysis of applications of fairs from other states and understand how they have solved these specific problems that we detect as immediate needs of our users and mainly the navigation of the content of the app. It also helps us to see their design weaknesses and improve ours.

Competitive UX Analysis UX Design
Information Architecture

We needed to make sure to fill the product backlog with the epics that really had meaning for our users and in their context and mental model of the “Todos Los Santos” fair. That is why we carry out card sorting studies remotely with users that match our 3 defined profiles and to get a better understanding of the hierarchy of expected content.

After the Card Sorting test, we were able to generate a Content Matrix that validated our hypotheses and clarified the content flow chart and it was time to work on the Task Flow.

Information Architecture UX Research Analysis UX Design
Design & Prototype

It was time to start thinking about the solutions with all the information that we could collect in a short research time with a high effort from the whole team.

The ease of use of an application is not the only positive metric of the user experience, it is also that its pleasurable.

The application began to take shape with the definition of the navigation flow, for which we carried out a Design Studio in conjunction with development to technically validate the technical impact and with the Stakeholders to align the business needs.

wireframes studies content analysis UX Design

To move quickly and learn early during the process, we began the design of many ideas that we later converged as a multidisciplinary team. Without investing in greater efforts, it was sufficient a paper prototype to understand the scope of the application and catch any cognitive friction early on.

Prototyping UX Design

The Outcome

The research conducted in our UX Discovery process allowed us to have clarity in the scope of the project and ensuring that the final product was aligned with the objectives of the stakeholders, the users’ needs and the technical feasibility.

After completing the research process, the UX team work with the Agil Dev team on the definition of the Users Stories for the Product Backlog.

The most relevant stories defined were:

  • As a user, I can see a list of featured events with time, date and cost information.
  • As a user, I can see a calendar with all the events of the day and the next days until the end of the fair.
  • As a user, I can schedule and receive notifications of events of my interest.
  • As a user, I can take selfies with decorative frames of the fair and share on my social networks.
  • As users, I can interact with a map of the fair and locate points of interest within the fair area.

Finally, we worked closely with the UI team to finalize the Mockups and perform usability tests during the Sprint.

Mockups UI Design Mobile App
Promotion and Results

As a marketing strategy, we use social advertising before the fair began. The application was promoted on local radio stations after a press conference on the first day of launch, together with the stakeholders. An animated video was also created, which describes some of the features and where to download the application.

After the first week of release, the result of the number of downloads for Android and iOS was better than expected.

UX design results

What have we learned from this project?

This project was full of challenges and learning since we had a short launch date. The result was very satisfactory and a multidisciplinary team involved in the process of the app committed to giving the best of themselves. The users were willing in the best way to participate in surveys and tests that would yield better results. The acceptance of the public and the customers was also very good so it is concluded that it was a success.

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